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Date 2020-03-13
  •  Information Service

Wireless Service

Required equipment: Any wireless network card supporting 802.11b/g standard (PCMCIA or Compact Flash interface), e.g., Notebook PCs, PDAs, etc. Account Password: Same as NCCU Email account password.


Dorm Net

All student dormitories have been upgraded with new networking equipment to ensure the authentication of computers by matching IP with registered MAC address. A correct MAC address of your computer is required for the registration. Unregistered computers will be denied access to the Internet.


Campus-Authorized Software

In respecting intellectual property rights, the University provides a budget for the Computer Center to procure computer software used widely on campus to serve university faculty, staff and students.


NCCU E-Learning

E-Learning is a platform that provides different kinds of teaching or guiding strategies through media technology such as personal computers, internet and multimedia.

  • Library

With more than 50 years of development, the Library has accumulated sufficient resources. The 2006/10 issue of "Global Views Monthly" examines 65 universities in Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong from the aspects of teachers, compensations, research capacity, student quality, and globalization, and NCCU was the only Taiwanese university that made the top-20 list with the quality of "each student enjoys 106.95 volumes of library materials on average."

NCCU has always been known for the focus on the research and teaching of humanities and social science, and the literatures, books, and information are what make academic research possible.

  • Sports Facilities
Venue Sports Note
Gymnasium Badminton
Table Tennis
During the semester -

From Monday to Friday, 12:00~13:30
On Saturday, 08:00~11:30 and 13:00~16:30

Summer and the winter vacation -
08:00~11:00, 13:00~16:30 from Monday to Friday
 Swimming      Pool  Weight Training  
 Tennis Court  Tennis  Two counts at NCCU, one behind Fong Yu Building, and the other one beside the Mountain Road Section3(10minutes wald from the Main Library)
 Athletic field Football




Golf Practice

Rock Climbing
 Dounan Riverside


 Sports Field

 Beside the Mountain Road Section 3
(20minutes walk from the Main Library or by campus bus).
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