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Date 2020-11-11

In this webinar, Professor Choi will seek to address the relationship between innovation and welfare. Their relationship had been rarely considered in traditional welfare studies. Despite that, he attempts to dispel the widespread doubt that welfare spending would undermine innovative potential. His analysis would show that welfare can harness a country’s innovative potential and contribute to the country’s long-term growth.

Speaker: Professor Young-Jun Choi, Department of Public Administration, Yonsel University, Korea.
Invited discussant: Associate Professor Chung-Yang Yeh, Department of Sociology, Soochow University.
Moderator: Associate Professor Yei-Whei Lin, Graduate of Social Work, National Cheng-Chi University

Wednesday, 26 November, 2:00-4:30 pm, 2020
Room 271443, South Wing, General Building

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